Monday, October 31, 2011

Iris 'Michele' in her full glory

How honoured I am!
Iris 'Michele'
With great pleasure I introduce iris 'Michele' to the world. She was named for me about thirty years ago by my garden mentor, art teacher and truly inspiring friend, Tony Fetherston. Yesterday I took part in a working bee in local gardens which Tony and his horticulture school team developed in Weston, Australian Capital Territory.

I am so glad that when the School of Horticulture relocated, the extensive teaching gardens were not sold to developers for housing. After strong interest by a few very committed members of the local gardening community, the gardens were gifted to the community by the ACT government, on the understanding that the community and government together would be responsible for the upkeep. I am a Friend of Fetherston Gardens.

Here we are in Oz two-thirds of the way through Spring and the beauty continues to abound. My lovely Mum has just been to visit and it was such a pleasure to share the garden with her. She mentioned that the colour drifts reminded her of Monet's garden in Giverny.

I have uploaded many photos of our lovely October garden, from early October to late. Not only do I enjoy sharing the beauty of the Heart Garden with you, my welcome visitor, but it also helps brides who plan to marry in the Heart Garden see what will be in flower on their special day.
(There's a slideshow list to the right with photos of the garden in various months. If you'd like more information about getting married in the Heart Garden, click here)

If the flower garden above has Monet-style colour drifts, this photo below of a different part of the garden is more reminiscent of the wild romantic settings of Fragonard.

What's unusual right now?
Viburnum macrocephalum - or viburnum with huge brain-shaped flowers. We cut back this viburnum in the winter because she branched out too far onto a public path. Because of this, in the spring she only had one flower spray, but it was a fascinating chain.

Viburnum macrocephalum
I'll probably add another post to this blog in November because late Spring is different again. It's shady and the roses come into full bloom. See you then? I hope so.

If you love to visually visit romantic gardens, as I do, please click 'October in the Heart Garden' in the list to the right for more mid to late Spring images. Enjoy.