Monday, October 7, 2013

Brides are like blossoms in the garden of love . . .

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How lucky am I that I can share the beauty of the Heart Garden with so many special couples and their guests! How lucky we all are that the internet connects us so easily with so many parts of the world. 

Bride Rikki in the Heart Garden
Well, the Winter day was warm and Spring-like when Rikki married Ben On August 10 . . .

And then in September, when Spring actually arrived, more brides appeared like beautiful blossoms.

After seeing the Heart Garden on the internet, Rosanna and Fabrizio flew from Italy to marry in the Heart Garden in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory in the morning of 2 September 2013. They spent a couple of days in Canberra, then flew back home to Italy.

Dee married Anthony in a small ceremony in the afternoon of 2 September, before flying to Bali with her new husband Anthony for a wedding and celebration on the beach in Bali.

Stephanie from Sydney married David on 6 September when he flew from Paris for their wedding. They plan to live in Canada.

On a sunny but cool Friday, local bride Jenna married Nathaniel on 20 September. And then on a warm sunny Friday, Georgina married Kirk on September 27.
Bride Rosanna

The path to the garden gate in early September

Rosanna, now married to Fabrizio, leaves the Heart Garden by the driveway -
an avenue of flowering plum trees
Dee and Anthony, soon to enter the Heart Garden for their wedding ceremony

Dee and Anthony at the Heart Garden gate
The arrival for Stephanie and David's wedding

Bride Stephanie

Are brides like flowers . . . or are flowers like brides?

Bride Jenna

The path from the entrance gate into the garden

Bride Georgina arrives

Georgina - happily married

Newlyweds Georgina and Kirk leave the Heart Garden.
It's the end of September. The plum trees are now in leaf.

During September 2103, the Heart Garden has been truly blessed by all the beautiful bride blossoms who have filled the garden with their happiness.

With glorious 'Star Wars' magnolia, a selfie by the Heart Gardener, who remembers being a very happy bride herself many years ago, in a grand church with huge vases of beautiful flowers from her own grandmother's memorable, magical garden.