Friday, June 1, 2012

Farewell to autumn . . .

Greetings my welcome e-visitor

Autumn in Canberra has been delightful this year. We’ve had many clear still sunny days, and just enough rain to keep everything healthy. Almost no cold winds to add a wind chill factor - that's lucky. The begonias and fuchsias have been particularly beautiful and long-lasting. And the roses! 

(And everything else that's lovely! There are more photos in the ongoing sldieshow on the right, plus web albums, listed month to month, especially so marrying couples can see how the garden will look around the time of their special day. Just click the links.) 

We’ve been well blessed with long-lasting colour this year. Many trees are still in autumn leaf, like the twelve trees in our birch grove. (Yes, twelve birches together on one suburban block!) Other autumn glories are still to turn, like our blueberries, oak-leaf hydrangeas and our larger liquidambar.

I enjoy so much, joining with our three-year-old grand-daughter in her fascination with the way that the trees are ‘going to sleep’, just as the daffodils are ‘waking up’ and popping their new shoots through blankets of mulch.

In my role as civil marriage celebrant, I've held weddings in the Heart Garden in all three months of autumn.
In March . . . 
Collage of 3 photos from a private wedding on March 5 (That's me on the right)
In April . . . 
Kie and Jill were married at the Heart Garden in mid-April

In May . . . 
At the chilly end of May, the wedding, signing and celebrating for Aldo and Francesca's wedding all took place inside

Francesca arrives for her marriage with Aldo
in late May
                                                                                                                                                                                       Of the several small weekday weddings this autumn, nearly all were held on fine days. 

Sometimes the low temperature meant we needed to hold the ceremony inside in the ‘green room’, where windows in three walls overlook the garden. The bride and groom can stand in the bay window, surrounded by garden, but warm and snug. Often, as winter draws closer, when the weather’s pleasant enough, we go into the garden for photos after the ceremony and signing, with crystal glasses of bubbly in hand. 

Even on cold days, guests will linger because the atmosphere of the very romantic Heart Garden is so inviting and welcoming. This feels good for my heart.

I love these three 'hats': 
- Heart Gardener
- Marriage Celebrant
- Grandmother to children who are loving the garden already, and just may choose a garden-related career, as our younger son and daughter have done. 

This too is good for my heart. 

Here is the gate to the Heart Garden

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