Thursday, January 27, 2011

Anticipating autumn 2011

I wish you a wonderful New Year.

It may seem strange that my first blog post for 2011 features photos of the Heart Garden in May.

I've been talking with a bride who would like to have her wedding in the garden and is working out the date. The wedding will be sooner than Spring. I told her that the garden has a different loveliness in Autumn. I've uploaded some May photos to help her make her choice and I plan to add some soon for April.
Viburnmum opulus - 'Snowball tree' or 'Guelder Rose'

Here's a slideshow of May in the Heart Garden.
To control the speed, move your cursor into the image 
and the controls will show up underneath.
If you'd like to see larger images, click inside the slideshow 
then click the 'Full screen' option (top left of image)>

I have the fondest memories of 'Mermaid' in my Grandmother's garden. She's an enormous rambling rose with sweet perfume and the bees just love her. The prickles on 'Mermaid' are plentiful and vicious, so it's best to plant her away from a pathway.

Summer is here Down Under in full force at the moment. 
Australia Day yesterday was the way any perfect Oz Day ought to be - hot and sunny. Of course, being Australia Day, we gathered with friends for a barbecue. Is standing around a fire on a hot hot day a uniquely Australian thing to do?

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