Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Berries and birds - it's mid-autumn in the Heart Garden

Pink autumn leaves on the euonymous will give an unusual display for several months
At this beautiful mellow time of year, there are lots of edibles in the Heart Garden. The humans get some of the eats but the birds get most. I think the parrots eat the figs but I haven't seen them in action. 

The currawongs have feasted on the ampelopsis berries and, strangely none of our feathered guests have got into the orange berries on the pyracantha acerifolia. 
I've made this blog post all about the berries and birds. As well, there's the soundscape - lots of happy little birds who choose to make their homes here.
If the short video on the right plays for you, you'll hear the birdsong.
The last of the ampelopsis (blue porcelain) berries
Currawong in snow gum (eucalytus pauciflora)
Cratageus acerifolia (maple leaf hawthorn)
The raspberries were delicious in late summer and we kept them under bird net. Cherry tomatoes don't seem to appeal to the birds I'm glad to say and the pesky possum who visits at night can't get at them easily. The parrots have not yet noticed the pomegranates. Something I noticed as I wandered, taking photos, liriopes have dark green autumn berries. Wonder if the colour will change.

Pomegranate waiting to burst open, and get eaten
I saw the first fejoias on the ground yesterday, just near the roses as they finish their autumn flush. Several roses have lovely hips and we still have colourful crab apples to look at. 
Rose hips on a rose I can't name
crab apples on malus ioensis rubra
If you click on April in the Heart Garden Slideshow Collection, or simply watch the main slideshow on the right, you'll see lots of lovely flowers that feature in the garden at this time of year, like purple daises and mauve roses.

Floribunda rose Charles de Gaulle
There'll be several small weddings in the Heart Garden in the next few weeks and the garden will be a glorious backdrop.  

Lipstick maple
We are certainly well-blessed on our little patch of Mother Earth.

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